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We are the makers,  Bec & David


Sunshine Coast handmade jewellery

It all started in a little Studio on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver.  The fun and love for creating and sharing what we make.  David brought the artistic gene to the team, as a recognised Artist, and spurred that desire in us both to make a life filled with craft, design and lots and lots of colour!  


We enjoy creating our Japanese paper jewellery using beautiful handmade Japanese papers, assorted graphic design images, crystal clear glass and quality stainless steel jewellery.  All made with nickel and lead free findings ~  handmade jewellery for women of all ages.


Markets have been a life for us on our return to live in Australia and we love interacting with our customers.  And appreciate that they come back time and time again to buy our Japanese paper jewellery and support our small business.  The feedback we get when our customers wear our jewellery;  the compliments they receive on how beautiful and unique the pieces are.


Quality, customer interaction (be it online or at a market) ,value for money (not just affordability, but giving, you our customer, a unique, quality product that will last and shopping experience) and having lots of fun these are the things that are important to us at West Fourth Studio.


Bec & Dave


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